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Micro-negotiations: Likwid strategy

How to decrease the cost of the expensive B2B leads?

Automate the data collection system with its subsequent filtering and first-step communication. Based upon each stage results it is necessary to evaluate the relevance between the business proposal and the target audience expectations. Each process prompt and adequate evaluation allows to adjust the strategy, which, in turn, allows you to constantly increase the real and productive meetings amount. 

Conversion of cold calls is normally 2–4%. Our conversion of cold calls is 44% for Russia and 34% for the international market, taking into account the lost ones.

We automate the contacts search and analysis, and then we go further and automate first-step communication and business correspondence in social networks. As a result, we get a pool of potential clients who are interested in receiving a proposal and a more detailed consultation. Finally, we integrate the identified leads to the client’s CRM to enable the sales department to effectively work with leads.

Besides providing leads, we conduct the business proposals A/B split testing, working to maintain statistics with clients, analize, make conclusions and offer corrective actions to increase conversion. A company size regardless, marketing capacity, and advertising budgets, you are guaranteed to get leads in predictable amounts. 

As a matter of fact, we offer our clients the fast and qualified search service for decision-makers in companies, the first-step communication and correspondence automation with a potential client, including the analytics for the listed activities each.