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Micro-negotiations: More meetings - more deals

Meeting is still the main sales tool. The lack of meetings decreases the sales KPI even when the scenario is neutral. When the scenario is pessimistic, the lack of meetings in the managers’ schedule can cause the following:

  • Failure to meet KPI at all pipeline stages following the meeting.
  • Failure to meet the sales target.
  • Withholding the bonus part of salary due to the failure to meet the KPIs.
  • The employees firing due to the failure to meet KPIs.
  • The sales department restructuring.

We strongly believe that sales can be predicted based on any CRM system data. In order to manage the risks we recommend the following:

  • Determine KPIs based on the meetings amount for the sales managers;
  • Follow the strategy that all efforts on calls and lead generation shall be aimed at processing to the pipeline next stage: from lead generation to the call, from the call to the meeting. All communication shall be based on this concept;
  • Managers should be advised to record Zoom meetings, taking into consideration the fact that for more than a year most meetings are held on-line worldwide due to COVID. Such records would have an utmost importance for future corrective actions and increasing conversion.

The meetings lack should be fixed by additional investment into the lead generation. Nowadays, defining KPIs based on the lead’s quantity per year has become a common practice. To calculate this indicator, it is important to analyze the meeting number and sales amount for previous years, as well as the sales plan for the current period.

The lead generation project should be created for a particular product. The market may often be unclear, and that’s fine. Lead generation can help you clear it out. By the project implementation beginning, it is important to have a perfect business proposal, detailed and specific, and the potential client catching attention capable.