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Micro-negotiations: Automated acquaintances

By 2026, 90% B2B companies will use AI interactions and analytics technology to deliver deeply personalised journey engagement, eliminating 40% of marketing and sales human touch points. 

2022, IDC FutureScape : Worldwide Future of Customer and Consumer 2022 Prediction

The modern sales technologies suggest that acquaintance with potential clients can and should be automated. Contact establishment automation can greatly improve work efficiency. 

Most people are not really able of making acquaintances even in real life. Uncertainty, stiffness, misunderstood perfectionism, and many other psychological barriers often hinder successful acquaintances. It is even more difficult to work with the counterpart mindset and emotions, when the counterpart is far away on the other side of the screen. 

Technically, you have to solve several tasks at once, such as:
  • Is it better to make a long message or short?
  • Is it more efficient to give a short description that includes representative numbers, or there is time to ask a question to identify the problem? 
  • Should the letter be formal or not?
  • State your proposal right away or focus on elaborating qualifications?

Most common mistakes
  • The meeting purpose was not defined.
  • Weak or no USP.
  • Stylistic incompatibility, perhaps an advertising presentation style is used or your target audience does not speak the proposal language. 
  • Overdetailed segmentation, confusing the counterparts. 
  • Grammar mistakes, facepalm or mere rudeness. The proposition writer often declares: “I’m the CTO, it’s OK for me to write with mistakes in English. My job is to do the code right”. It is very important to allocate time and resources to check the texts you have written, especially when it comes to big deals for a company. This is why our team includes proofreaders and editors, proficient both in English and Russian languages.
  • The meeting scenario is shallow elaboration. When we say scenario we mean a manual describing all the touch points with the client. Each touch point shall have an objective. Working  an exact algorithm with the client enables a manager to understand each communication essence for them to work more efficiently. For the new managers such manuals would become an essential training material.