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To keep your sales managers busy with warm calls, meetings and deals
Social media
Many Decision Makers use social media for business communication (Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.)
B2B and B2C
Our technology is suitable for all kinds of goods and services
Leads 24/7
Your sales managers will finally get to work with warm calls that result in meetings and deals rather than searching for cold clients, warming them up and transfering data to CRM
Export / Import
We will get you clients from all over the world
Check results every week
Regular reports containing all the information you need
Integration with CRM
Get new leads automatically intergated into your CRM for instant sales reaction and conversion check
Our clients
More than 50 companies
How does it work?
Target audience definition
Forming databases with contacts of your clients from social media and other open sources
Lead generation
Establishing contact, delivering a value proposition to your target audience , collecting phones and e-mails, leading to key response actions
Data collection and analysis
Conducting A/B testing of your commercial offers, keeping statistics of work with customers, carrying out analyses and proposing changes to increase conversions
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